The Age Of Anxiety
Front View
Mixed-media illuminated and sound kinetic construction/assemblage
6’3″ (H) x 7’7″ (w) x 4’6″ (d)

“Who needs full color when real life is so Black and White?”Is reality black and white, or somewhere in between – all grey? This is indeed the age of anxiety – a stress producing technological society.Our anxieties are great – a major anxiety over the speed with which war machines can be set off by sophisticated electronic relay systems (just press a plastic button and destroy our planet); other anxieties there is anxiety over communication – “reach out and touch someone” (without physical presence).

Detail View The list of anxieties is endless: telephone answering machines, cell phones,traffic jams, noise pollution, and hazardous materials that make our most basic need to breathe the air a stressful situation. I believe the human race has not yet developed the ability to emotionally adjust to our speeding technology. Because of this schism we are at the brink of the greatest anxiety of all–the loss of the human “race”.

This work explores my feelings of anxiety in our technological society. I constructed this work to allow ambiguous components exposing both intensifying and relieving elements of anxiety, and in so doing seek to involve the viewer in her/his own particular set of responses.