Specimen UI-2




“Specimen UI2 – The American Rat Race”

Main Sculpture: mixed-media sound, illuminated and kinetic sculpture,
5′(h) x 2′(w) x 4’3″ (d)
Wall Panel #1: mixed-media wall relief, 3’8″ (h) x 4′ (w) x 2″ (d)
Wall Panel #3: mixed-media wall relief, 3’6″ (h) x 2’4″ (w) x 3″ (d)

Briefcase in hand, the businessman and/or businesswoman dashes for work – only to be moving in slow motion an the conveyor belt of a clogged and polluted pathway (rush-hour traffic) to that place of repetitive whatever (and if he/she has a goad “track record” – Pavlovian or ather – he/she may achieve executive status and a cage of his/her awn to scoot around in). Later that day the morning’s activities are repeated in reverse. And so it goes – back and forth, day in and day out.

Is this a trick, a plot – society’s industrialized/urbanized/ dehumanized/deranged plan to self-destruct? I smell a rat. That treadmill of (time is money, where is my Wall Street Journal, dress for success, train and retrain seminar, up the management ladder, get to know the “tap cats”) – STRESS can cause, among another physical and mental ailments, cardiac
arrest. Not to worry – you can probably secure an artificial heart in the near future complete with portable (carry with you) pump. It will probably slow you dawn however.

Do you realize how really intelligent rats are? Rats, according to numerous documented reports – are reputed to always desert a sinking ship. But just look what we humans have done to rats! Basic instincts in humans and animals strive for the prevalence of pleasure. We humans have, however managed for the mast part to demand “modification” of the pleasure instincts, “suspending” or “delaying” pleasure and undergoing a repressive regimentation. In another wards, whatever human satisfaction is possible necessitates work, more or less painful arrangements and undertakings for the procurement of the means of satisfying those needs (money = American rat race).