Doomsday Minus One, The Neutron Bomb
Mixed-media light and sound kinetic construction/assemblage
5’10” (h) x 4’5″ (w) x 5’10” (d)
The sculpture makes a statement about the ultimate horror of our
militaristic technological society. This sculpture is painted battleship
gray and contains a missile which is actually a church organ pipe (a
very “uncomfortable” association).A control chair is incorporated into
the piece. The viewer sits in the chair and views a diorama scene and can press
a button which sets off the sculpture’s alarm system.

Summing up the philosophy behind this work and many of my
other works is a quotation by Camus which is collaged to the inside of
the door to the diorama: “We cannot assert the innocence of anyone,
whereas we can state with certainty the guilt of all. Every person
testifies to the crime of all others – that is my faith and my hope”.