Mixed media Interactive Construction/Assemblage
6’6″ (h) x 4’4″ (w) x 2’6″ (d)

The pie-shaped wedges on the front of the sculpture “Change” contain words which generate free and random associations with aspects which change within each viewer’s life. I’ve juxtaposed visual images of fear and pain with more comically absurd elements. For instance, within the whole idea of change explored in the work, I choose to employ military surveillance
maps collaged into the sculpture. The military is the most likely not to change thing of anything in the world. Technology is changing the world faster than the human species can adapt.
The sculpture “Change” explores the interaction of people with the advancing mechanization of the society. Change signals opportunities for growth – growth combined with pain and insecurity.

I invite the viewer to stand on the back of the “Change” sculpture and while placing one’s feet over the “footnotes” and one’s hands over the hands on the sculpture (palms facing the sculpture) contemplate the concept of change in one’s own life.