” The Texas Bull-Y Triptych ”

Mixed-media construction/assemblage/wall relief © 2003
2′ (h) x 5′ (w) x 5″ (d)

In this anti-war triptych, I connect Texas oil interests to the invasion of Iraq-with Bush bullying the world-declaring preemptive war. In the left panel of Texas Bull-Y, images are collaged inside a giant six-shooter gun and holster-depicting the cowboy image of Bush, the gunslinger. The center panel of Texas Bull-Y depicts Bush preparing the United States for war in Iraq. President Bush is geographically centered in his home state of Texas. Here he greedily prepares for the acquisition of Iraqi oil (Texas east.) In the left panel, more images of George Dubya, Texas, oil wells, newspaper headlines screaming “invasion” and “launch the bombers” are collaged inside a big white cowboy hat and huge cowboy boot and spur-depicting Bush the cowboy.