Knock Knock, Who’s There?

Mixed-media kinetic construction with sound, © 2002
Center piece: 20″(h) x 18″(w) x 24″(d)
6 panels-each: 60″(h) x 9″(w) x 22″(d)

Knock, Knock Who’s There? is a sardonic artwork based on the popular children’s game. The artwork is complete with a participatory interactive game. The 6 wall-sized panels, representing the Oval Office and surrounding the game, draw viewers into the sculpture, where they are met by White House security. The participant knocks, the man/machine security officer asks “Who’s there?” The participant answers and the machine responds with caustic remarks. The artwork entices participants to ponder the blank outline of a man in the Oval Office: Who is he? What is his agenda? Who does he represent?