Black Tie & Boots Ball (click click)

Mixed-media wall relief w/electronic kinetics
3′(h) x 2′(w) x 6″(d), © 2001

This is a scene, literally served up on a silver platter, drawn from one of the inaugural balls where we find Dubya showing off his specially made black boots embellished with the U.S. presidential seal. There are nine images of Bush/Hitler. Nein is the German word for no (a symbolic play on words.) (No, he wasn’t elected.) The goose-stepping boot pose of Dubya is reminiscent to me of the Nazi takeover of Germany. The Bush Administration in the name of national security and patriotism is systemically removing human rights and freedoms from Americans. The crystal balls at the bottom of the sculpture are symbolic of “Kristallnacht”, which signified the beginning of the Holocaust. The viewer/participant can hit the crystal balls together to create a click-click sound and generate flashing-red warning lights.