36 Days

Mixed-media wall relief
2’8(h) x 1.5′(w) 3″(d), © 2001

“36 Days” depicts events between Election Day and 36 days later when the U.S. Supreme Court selected/appointed the President. This mixed-media wall-relief juxtaposes headlines from newspapers of the election tug-of-war with renderings of Bush, the victor, looking dumb-struck and saying “Grin and ignore it.” Clown-face watches represent time being manipulated. Bombs depict Worthington’s foreboding premonition that George “Dubya” Bush would take America into war. (Record numbers of people were executed in Texas during Dubya’s tenure as governor-how better to continue his killing rampage than to take America to war(s) during his presidency?) The frame of the wall relief is a collage depicting the protests at Bush’s inauguration in January 2001.