Subconscious Dualities – Lithographs
Acceptance & Rebellion
Connection & Isolation
Repression & Expression


A Series of Three Limited Edition hand-colored original lithographic prints
18″ (h) x 24″ (w) (unframed), hand-pulled by Charles Gill at Archer Press


In these works of art, I am concerned with releasing images from the subconscious and bringing them to awareness as symbolic projections. In this exploration of the inner world, I observe, react to and motivate the actions of the outer drama. In my use of this mental imagery, an imagery submerged in emotion and perception, the three Lithographs (“Acceptance and Rebellion”, “Repression and Expression”, “Connection and Isolation”) relate the ambiguity of the human condition and the contradictions, dualities or polarities of the social and psychological situations which are indicative of society. These images transcend the confines of the familiar, and in uniting external and internal worlds of reality, establish a relationship with the viewer of a unique visualization.”

Repression and Expression

Early in life, both active and passive repressions of the inner-self begin, mostly as a -response to parental and cultural disapprovals. Great courage and long struggle are required to achieve personal expressions which contain the power to convey emotions and thoughts of the inner-self in a most vivid and effective manner.”

Connection and Isolation

In the realm of human relations, one may choose to journey outward, in search of the identity of others – at
the risk of losing the self, or one may choose to embark on an inward journey, a search for the self – at the sacrifice of the others. I n any case, one remains vulnerable, whether it be to the critical eyes of a society intolerant of non-conform ity, or to th e inside eye of the self-imposed judge and jury.”

Acceptance and Rebellion

As an attitude toward life, acceptance may bring harmony and accord, but in rebellion one finds personal strength and conviction. Does not the unconventional mind give birth to freedom of the spirit?”

Permanent Collections for the “SUBCONSCIOUS DUALITIES” series:
Art in Embassies Program U.S. Department of State
Mills College Art Museum