mixed-media interactive kinetic wall relief with sound
8′(length) x 4′(height) x 10″(depth) © 2008 by Nancy Worthington

“RED”, an allegorical romp though Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s frightening tale Little Red Cap (better known as Little Red Riding Hood). In my artwork, RED, the themes of deception, disguise, fear, intrigue, sexism, predator vs. prey, victor vs. vanquished, and the theme of rescue are now transformed to the 21st Century 2008 political landscape. Little Red Riding Hood is now Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama becomes the duality of both the Wolf and the Woodsman and Bill Clinton is the Mother/Grandmother.

The artwork is constructed to look like an open book, hinged in the middle. Through the use of a series of brightly colored three-dimensional scenes containing playful objects and interactive games, I lead the viewer/participant through the revised narrative.

Red/Hillary enters the forest to bring her grandmother a bottle of wine and basket of treats (goodies needed to win the White House). She unsuspectingly believes the way to Grandma’s house is clear (road to the White House) and is unaware of the dangerous wolf/ Obama lurking along the path. The wolf utilizes subterfuge to trick Red off her path and rushes to Grandmother’s house ahead of her. He eats the grandmother (neutralizes Bill Clinton) and in disguise awaits Red’s arrival. Although Red feels a foreboding sense of doom, she enters the house and is devoured by the predatory wolf (Obama now becomes the presumptive Democratic Party nominee.) Realizing that although he has forced Hillary to yield, he now needs her support and approval to win the election. The wolf/Obama morphs into the Woodsman. He enters the house and rescues both Red and her Grandma. The wolf has neutralized his opponent and then brought Red back to help him win.

Moral of the story:
“If in this world secure you’d be,
From danger, strife, and care;
Take heed with whom you keep company,
And how–and when–and where.”
de Grummond Collection of children’s literature