Not Some Random Thoughts



Mixed-media double triptych (book-art)
2′ (h) x 8′ (w) x 6″

Commentary and observations by the artist from 1980 to 1998-a sardonic and satirical view of everyday life.


Poem from “Not Some Random Thoughts”

“A Myth of Creation – The Great Split” by Nancy Worthington © 1998

If a-god-and-a-half

Can lay an egg-and-a half

In a day-and-a half

And hatch a world-and-a-half

Which split in half through schizogenisis

In a week-and-a half,

Why did it take so many millions of years

For the split-infinitive (speech)

And the split-level house (nuclear family)

To appear in Homo sapiens?

Is it because a-god is a schizoid-and-a-half?

(Well, how else could a-god-be-a-father-a-son-and-a holy ghost

And display delusions of grandeur?)

And Homo sapiens in general tend toward

Sameness, commonality and status quo?

(Same, sane, unchanging except by force-

or unpredictable crazy and creative)

There you have it.

A-god was insane when creating Homo sapiens

And continues to prod Homo sapiens with

Illogical and absurd behavioral demands.

And that is why to this day

Life for the Homo sapien

Is a terminal case of dis-ease.