Femalines / Phases of Female-Feline Phenomena


Phases of Female-Feline Phenomena

By Nancy Worthington, M.F.A.

Enter the realm of FEMALINES -where women are transformed into cats
and cats are transformed into women.

is a veritable feast for the eyes, mind and spirit-It will fill you
with fascinating facts, delightful images, and revealing social commentary.

Discover the secrets of feline-female bonding…

Explore the spiritual linkage between cats and women…

Delight in The Pageant-the 12 artworks in matriarchal colors, depicting intriguing metamorphoses between women and cats.

When you enter The Presence, you will learn why the role and status of the female and feline is ever changing between the sacred and the profane. You will understand why the cat is a barometer-a litmus test-of society’s treatment of women.

In The Profile you will discover why cats, unlike human females, have escaped tyrannical male rule.

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