(Electronic mixed media sculpture)
“Automaton” is a viewer participation sculpture, in which, by touching and “activating” the work, a communication is setup – a tangible physical relationship becomes a bridge, which evokes emotional and ethereal responses.
Recently, an analogous relationship has been demonstrated between the neurological systems of electrical impulses in the brain and nerve center of the human body; an the electrical relay systems and components of computers, and sophicated electronic machines. In the sculpture “Automaton”, human vital nerve centers have been replaced by mechanical sound evoking devices.
Do we manipulate the machines or are we in fact the automatons, performing functions without emotion or depth of perception? Will human beings become obsolete in an age of computers and highly refined machines?
What is our relationship to the machine, to the computer? Computer talk for the human being is ‘skinware”. What of human emotion, which may be the only facility left solely (souly) to human domain?