“George Dubya” Series of Artworks
A Political Satire on American Politics

By Nancy Worthington, M.F.A.

It has been said that in general, civilizations are recorded and remembered by their wars and their art. Against the more destructive side of civilization, the arts act as checks and balances. It is important for me to create these art pieces to express my social/political feelings about these events that are taking place, to interpret what it meant to me personally, in a way in which others can also relate.

Dissent is an obligation of a free people-particularly when the very notion of dissent is unpopular. I have always felt a duty to incorporate social commentary content within the framework of my art. Communication is critical to the success of my work. Yet, it is extremely important that the content be balanced with a disciplined formal order of aesthetics.

It has been cathartic for me to create this series and cathartic for others to view and interact with it. I use satire, in this case political satire to convey meaning, enhancing the images with sound/light/kinetics/technology to expand the viewer’s level of exploration. By creating interactive artwork, the viewer becomes a participant and thus becomes involved in the artworks themselves.